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It's a Family Affair

Welcome to ARTEMIA. Beekeeping is something that has been around our family for many years, since we currently are the third beekeeping generation. Our main goal for us as a family is to produce and share with you the pure gift that bees offer us.

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About our Honey Philoshophy

We collect ARTEMIA honey by relocating our beehives to Evritania (fir honey), Naypaktia (blossom honey), North Evoia (pine honey) & the Akarnanika Mountains. With it's undeniable nutritional value and quality, we aim to innovate into the realm of honey by creating 3 unique honey flavor profiles and thus creating a new dimension when it comes to honey.

Our Products

Explosion of flavour

Unique & strong flavour profile with therapeutic properties.

artemia explosion


Earthy flavours from the greek forests with antioxidants and relaxants by nature itself.

artemia bliss


Flower honey with citrus flavours from the countryside. 

artemia harmony
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Contact us

+30 697 426 08 22
Kato Makrinou 
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